6 tips to help you design a life you LOVE

This year I told myself that I am creating a business AROUND MY LIFE…. no longer am I creating my life around my business or my job. I did that for far too long.

Last year, I got married and while that has been amazing… planning a wedding during a pandemic had me on the verge of a panic attack.

0/10. Do not recommend.

Additionally, last year I lost my father, and I also lost my father in law which was expected.

Literally, if you asked who was the MOST excited about my husband and me getting married. hands down it was my father-in-law, so losing him right before the wedding was a lot.

So a lot happened last year, which made me realize more than ever that life is short, tomorrow is promised, and life is meant to be enjoyed.

Here are some tips to help you level up in life and start creating a life you LOVE.

Disclaimer alert: I haven’t entirely created the life I love, but omg, I am on this journey with you, and I am committed sooooooo here are some of my tips:

How to design a life you LOVE


1. What do you want?

It’s easy to say design the life you want, but WHAT does that actually mean for you?

Not what others say…
Not what society says…
What do you truly want?

If money was not an issue for you, how would you spend your days?
What makes you feel more alive?

I recommend starting finding ways to dig deep and do the self-discovery work, including:

  • Journaling
  • Praying
  • Go to a quiet space and just sit. Even if that means waking up super early, sit in silence.

Taking walks are super crucial for me. When I’m confused, overwhelmed, unsure, stuck… taking a walk without my phone, without headphones. Just walking and engulfing myself in nature.

How can you build the life of your dreams if you’re unsure what that life looks like for you? Ask God how you can be in alignment with him and your life?

2. Write it down and BECOME THAT PERSON

What are the steps that are necessary to take to design this life?
If you want to lose 10lbs, what will they require from you? How does a person who has lost 10lbs operate? How do they look at food? How do they look at exercise?

It’s not enough to write it down and create a goal; you MUST become the person you want to be.

If you want to be a 6 figure blogger, what does a 6 figure blogger do? They probably blog a lot. In order to be who you want to be, you have to start doing what will get you to whom you want to be.

“In order to be who you want to be, you have to start doing what will get you to whom you want to be.”

You have to change how you think and how you operate.

3. Build healthy habits

It’s not enough to give yourself goals. You have to build healthy habits so that you can achieve those goals.

You have to create systems that allow you to build those habits and hit those goals.
A book I recommend is Atomic habits, by James clear. You can also check out other books I love here.

It is very difficult to start a new habit, and it can be even harder to keep it up. But with the right approach, you can make any habit stick.

The first thing is to identify your goals and motivations for building healthy habits. Why do you want to build these habits? What are the benefits of doing so? Write them down and refer back to them when you need motivation.

Find a way to track your progress and reward yourself when you reach milestones or complete tasks on your list.

This will keep the momentum going and help you maintain the healthy habits that you have already built.

4. Taking leaps of faith

I relocated to a new state by myself at 25, and I did not know a single person. It was terrifying, but I knew deep in my heart that relocating was what I needed to expand so I took that leap of faith.

I understand that some people are afraid to take leaps of faith because they are scared of the unknown. But when they do, they feel liberated and free. They experience a sense of freedom and a feeling that life is worth living.

I bet on myself because my steps are ordered by God. He got me, and of course, he got you!

…but I knew deep in my heart that relocating was what I needed to expand so I took that leap of faith

5. Start saying NO [Give yourself Boundaries]

Saying no is the only way to establish boundaries in your life.
It is time to stop saying yes when you want to say no.

It’s time to speak up and say, “No, I can’t do this.” You have a right to say no and you have a responsibility to make sure that it’s respected.

There are many reasons that people tend to say yes when they really mean no. They may feel obligated because of their upbringing or they may feel like they are letting someone down by not being able to do what they were asked.

Whatever the reason, it is important not just for your own mental health but for other people as well that you start saying no more often and with confidence.

6. Be okay with delayed gratification

Imagine you’re working and working and you give up… little did you know you’re were so close to success!

Delayed gratification is a term used in psychology to describe the act of resisting an impulse to indulge in an immediate reward and instead wait for a more rewarding payoff later.

Here’s the thing: Most things take time and can’t be don’t rush
In a world where everything is instant, be okay with delayed gratification and keep going

When I wanted to relocate, it took me a year. I got a roommate, I paid off debts… it took time, but I never lost sight of my vision, and I ended up doing it!

In a world where everything is instant, be okay with delayed gratification and keep going

So here are some ways you can start designing your best life. If you enjoyed this article, you would absolutely love my video, where I go even more in-depth!


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