The best gifts for influencers, Youtubers, content creators and bloggers in 2022

Content creators and influencers always appreciate a thoughtful gift. A lot of what they do is from the heart, so giving them something that shows how much you value what they do is a great gesture.

Gift giving is more than what you pick out and what’s on sale. Gift-giving is an art form, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you out. Whether it be for your best friend who posts makeup tutorials, or your brother who has his own gaming channel, we have some great ideas for all those influencers and content creators in your life.

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Gift guide for influencers, Youtubers, content creators, and bloggers

There are a lot of items out there, and this list is what we believe will make an excellent gift for someone who’s doing what they love.

1. Selfie-stick & tripod combo (with a Bluetooth remote!)​

Your friend may not always have a friend to take their pictures… which is why I highly recommend this selfie stick and tripod in one! And as a bonus, it comes with a remote so your influencer pal can take full-body pictures while at a distance!

A Selfie Ring light​

Is your friend taking photos at night or areas that don’t have much light? Perhaps your friend just wants to add some extra brightness to their pics? This adjustable ring light can be used with a phone or a digital camera and also includes a remote!


Phone Memory Stick​

As an influencer, you take a lot of photos! A great way to store photos you never run out of room and can reference photos for later (for your #throwbackpics) is with a memory stick for your phone.

This is a great gift for an influencer, youtube, blogger or content creator because they’ll have more memory for this content.

Portable Charger​

There is absolutely nothing worst than being at the perfect place and your phone is dead so you can’t take pics! I keep a portable charger in my bag at all times because I never want to miss the chance to take a great photo due to a low or dead phone battery #TheWorst

This is a wonderful and inexpensive gift for a content creator and will save them a lot of headaches!

Content Planner​

A content plan can be used to create a strategy for your social media posts in order to help you use the most effective messages at the optimal times.

The benefits of using a content planner include:

  • keeping track of key messages that are likely to resonate with your audience,
  • ensuring that you have enough content scheduled,
  • improving your ability to monitor conversations on social media,
  • Keep track of the performance of your social media marketing efforts.

You can’t be taken seriously as an influencer if you’re not consistent with your content! This 52-week social media content planner is highly rated on Amazon and allows you to plan your content so you stay consistent!

This is a great gift to help someone plan out their content

Planner stickers​

Add some extra cuteness and personality with these planner stickers! This is a great additional gift with a content planner.


Travel Bag​ for equipment and supplies

Your content creator friend can store all of their supplies in this super cute, durable, and waterproof camera backpack!


Flat-lay backdrop set​

These are great for taking flat-lays and using as background for items including food, jewelry, mugs, and more!


Letterboards are a great way to add some extra personality to your photos! Unsure what to post? Organize “Happy Monday” on the letter board and take a pic! Seriously, having a letter board gives you endless photo options.

This is an awesome gift for influencers who talk a lot of photos!


Influencer Book By Brittany Hennessy​

Another great book I recommend for anyone who is looking to grow their audience online and build a community!


Superfans By Patt Flynn​

One of my absolute favorite books when it comes to being an influencer! I absolutely recommend every aspiring and current influencer read it.

Here are a few more books I recommend for content creators! You can purchase a few books and put in a basket as a gift to your influencer friend who enjoy reading!



The current MacBook I love and use! This laptop is great for those who record YouTube videos and will edit their videos. This lap is also great for bloggers and influencers who tend to edit their photos and need memory and a fast laptop that’s small!

4K Camera​

There’s a reason why the Sony 6400 is rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon! It takes AMAZING 4K quality videos and photos, it’s easy to use and it serves as a great vlogging camera due to the small size!

Business Cards

I once landed a brand sponsorship at an in-person event because I had business cards! These are a great way to be taken more seriously as an influencer and could seriously benefit you if you do a lot of in-person events!


So here are a few gifts you can give to your friend or family member who is creating content in these digital streets!


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The best gifts for influencers, Youtubers, content creators, and bloggers in 2022

The best gifts for influencers, Youtubers, content creators and bloggers in 2022

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