How to take better pictures of yourself (9 proven ways to get that killer shot)

Have you ever walked past the mirror and thought damnnnnnnn, girl! You’re looking fioneee today!… so you proceeded to take a few million photos of yourself but none of them looked that great? Not even one selfie slightly reflected that gorgeous-ness reflecting back at you in the mirror. Tragic.

Today, as your digital bestie, I’m sharing 9 quick and easy tips to take better photos of yourself so you can have that bangin’ selfie…

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How to take better photos of yourself

1. ALWAYS Shoot from Above

Shooting from above will provide a more flattering angle by emphasizing your eyes and make your face and neck appear slimmer. Photos tend to look better when taken slightly above (instead of the dreaded chin first image)

2. Use Even Lighting

Natural sunlight is the most complimentary light (plus it’s free!). If you’re shooting inside, try to shoot near a window. If you’re shooting outside, try a day when there’s an overcast or shoot early mornings/evenings.

While natural sunlight is complimentary… direct sunlight, particularly in the middle of the day when the sun is straight overhead, is usually not flattering because it’s too harsh and will produce dark uneven shadows across your face.

You want the light to be even so you don’t have any shadows on your face and neck which are distracting.

3. Use negative space

No one likes a photo that cuts off at an awkward spot. Try to have space above your head so you don’t cut the top of your head off (unless you’re aiming for that kinda photo). I aim to have empty space at the top and empty space on the sides when shooting myself full body, so I don’t have weird cut-offs in the photo.


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4. Shoot in continuous mode

I find taking a bunch of photos at 3-10 second intervals is easier when you’re taking photos of yourself. It allows you to take multiple images in one sitting without having to constantly get up and touch your phone/camera each time you pose differently.

Here’s an example of when I took continuous photos of myself for a sponsored post!.

5. Think about your positioning

When shooting yourself, try not to position yourself directly in the middle of the shot. The best photos tend to follow the rule of thirds. This improves the composition and balance of your images by ensuring the most important things are placed in a way that is more pleasing to the eye.

As you can see my face is slightly more to the left instead of directly in the middle of the photo which makes this visually more appealing.

6. Consider getting a tripod or selfie stick

Having a tripod to set your camera up will give you better results if you’re setting your camera up to take multiple photos over a period of time (continuous mode). Having a tripod has been an absolute game-changer for me and will help you take better photos of yourself.

7. Invest in a remote

A remote will allow you to take multiple shots at different poses without having to physically get up to take the picture each time. This will definitely help you take better photos of yourself because you take 10 photos in a matter of a minute and virtually stay in the same spot.

I love remotes because they allow me to continuously takes photos and easily (and quickly) hide the remote under my leg for the photo.

8. Get a ring light

A ring light produces perfectly balanced lighting that is evenly distributed. It’s very complimentary and helps improve the image. If you’re recording videos or looking for high-quality photos that look professionally, I definitely recommend getting a ring ling!

What’s even better is they now have ring lights for your phone, your digital camera and stand-alone (which is what I use).

9. Invest in editing software

Sometimes the lighting is off or you need to crop something out of the photo. This is where a photo editor comes in! I like Adobe lightroom because it allows me to lighten up dark photos and even remove a pimple!

10. Work them angles’ and pose

My best advice to find YOUR angle is to take a bunch of photos and study which angles and poses look best for you.
If you’re taking a full-body photo standing up, lift your arm to look slimmer.
Turn your shoulders so you don’t look lifeless.
Put your hand on your hip (my go-to).
Practice in the mirror trying different poses to see what works for you. Take those million selfies and figure out which angles are the most flattering for you.

how to take better photos of yourself

me… totally trying to be a model

11. Check the background

You don’t want to take photos where the background will distract you. Always do a quick scan behind you and ensure there’s nothing that will draw attention away from you. This includes a messy background with things all over the floor or distracting objects.

Here my tips when it comes to how to take better photos of yourself. This especially comes in handy if you are an influencer!

Do you have any tips when it comes to taking great photos of yourself? If so, share below! I love to know!

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  • May 29, 2020 at 2:40 am

    Okay this is a great post! I absolutely love your energy btw, I can feel it all through the post lol!
    I definitely need to start taking some pictures for my blog ? But I was so stuck on how I was going to! I may start off with a selfie stick as you suggested! I love these tips!

    XOXO, Dasia

    • June 2, 2020 at 1:43 pm

      Thanks Dasia! I truly appreciate it!


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